The Importance of Proper Drain Cleaning

While most homeowners take indoor plumbing for granted, in centuries past the comforts it offers would have been inconceivable. Today, it is used on a daily basis for everything from bathing to doing laundry and safely removing waste from homes. The only way that modern plumbing systems can work as intended is if their drains are in proper working order, though, so read on to find out about this essential element of plumbing systems and how to keep it working.

What Are They?

Drains are the areas of a plumbing system where water collects to be taken away from the house, whether it is in the form of gray water or black water. All of the home’s sinks, showers, and bath-tubs have drains. When they begin to clog, they can no longer perform the important task of removing used water from the home.

What Causes Clogs?

Clogs can be caused by the buildup of hair, soap, food scraps, oil, or just about anything else that winds up in the sink or tub. Once a serious clog has formed, it will prevent homeowners from using the fixture until it has been removed. Plus, even minor clogs can lead to serious problems if they begin to cause buildup.

How Can They Be Prevented?

Drain cleaning is unarguably the most important step that can be taken toward clog prevention. Homeowners themselves can typically solve minor clogs by purchasing widely available liquid cleaners, but seriously clogged drains typically need to be handled by professionals.

Why is This Important?

Clogged drains are smelly and gross, but unpleasant odors aren’t the only thing homeowners have to fear if they don’t give adequate attention to their drains. Mold and bacteria can also build up in those clogs and can eventually become a health hazard, and serious clogs can lead to damage to the plumbing system and eventual water damage to the home if they are left unaddressed.

What Should Homeowners Do About Existing Clogs?

The smartest thing for any homeowner to do once he or she has realized that one or more drains are clogged is to call a plumber for some professional help. The frequency with which they’ll need a professional to come evaluate their drains will depend on how often they are used and how conscientious homeowners and their families are about avoiding the introduction of unwanted materials into their drains.

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